Trump Infuriated Aerosmith’s Guitarist With Crass Comment About Women In Front of His Wife

You’re not worthy of Joe Perry, Donald.

A new report from Business Insider reveals that Trump was hanging around near (assumed near, since one can’t imagine he was invited to actually hang out with) Aerosmith before one of his 2016 debates with Hillary Clinton–the band had scored tickets to the debate and had been invited backstage, because they’re Aerosmith–and proceeded to try to keep the Trump Train a-rollin’ with the Bad Boys from Boston by making a crass comment about women to the band’s lead guitarist, who was standing with a very attractive woman. Thinking he was anywhere in the same league with Perry or Steven Tyler, Trump gestured towards the woman and said to Perry, “Rock stars get all the ladies.”

The problem is, the woman standing next to Joe Perry was his wife, Billie, whom he married in 1985. His devotion to his wife is so legendary, he has a guitar with her picture on it. Perry isn’t the kind of rock star who goes back to his room with a groupie or three on each arm, but of course, Trump the chauvinist playboy didn’t know that. Trump thought he was with a fellow philanderer, not a notoriously faithful husband who took his marriage vows very seriously. Perry called the comment “skeevy” and the encounter forever soured the band’s amiable relationship with Trump forever.

Perry was so angry at the soon-to-be twice-impeached two-time loser of the popular vote, the band refused to let him use their songs at any of his rallies and later considered suing him. “The awkward get-together didn’t even benefit Trump’s campaign playlist. [Singer Steven] Tyler has repeatedly warned Trump about blasting Aerosmith songs at his political rallies, peppering the campaign with multiple cease and desist letters in 2015 and 2018,” Insider reports.

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