Trump to increase military spending while cutting back on EPA budget

President Donald Trump has called for a significant increase in military spending while promising to reduce budgets at other federal programs — including the environmental protection agency.

The White House on Monday plans to outline its budget proposal to federal agencies, a document that has largely been drafted by Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, the official said.

Among the agencies to lose part of their funding is the Environmental Protection agency.

CNN on Sunday described some of the broad cuts that are expected under Trump’s policy proposals. On a positive note, he is expected to protect social security and medicare funding.

Cuts to the EPA should sadly not come as a surprise. President Trump has regularly called out the agency for what he believes to be burdensome regulations.

Trump argues that cutting EPA programs will serve as a bigger boom to US companies than tax cuts.

The president’s pick for the EPA, former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, is a climate change skeptic who regularly fought against the Environmental Protection Agency in his last position.

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