Trump Implies San Antonio is Safe Because of a Wall — There is no Wall

Shortly before his address to the American people yesterday afternoon, in which he offered up what he claimed was a compromise to the government shutdown fiasco, Trump made a few statements. In these statements, the president implied that one of Texas’ safest cities, San Antonio, was safe because of a wall. The problem? San Antonio has no wall.

“Everybody knows that walls work. You look at different places they put up a wall, no problem. You look at San Antonio. You look at so many different places. They go from one of the most unsafe cities in the country to one of the safest cities, immediately, immediately,” the president told the press.

A local San Antonia publication reported that following Mr. Trump’s remarks, many San Antonio residences were confused. The city is actually one of the safest and most welcoming in Texas, but none of these residents ever realized that there was a wall protecting them from Mexico, and that’s because the president was incorrect once again.

“San Antonio is one of the safest big cities in the nation,” Mayor Ron Nirenberg said. “The Express-News reported last year that crime is at a 30-year low here. The plummeting crime rate is due to the hard work being done by the brave men and women of the San Antonio Police Department.”

The irony in this whole story is the fact that San Antonio lies over 150 miles northeast of Mexico, and the only wall that the city ever had were the walls of the Alamo, and these walls certainly didn’t work as intended.

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