Trump Hotels Dropped From Luxury Travel Network Listings

It’s been a rough few years for Donald Trump and his businesses. First, as a newly elected president his polarizing politics and harsh rhetoric made people not want to patronize his hotels and golf properties. Condo owners ripped his name off their buildings in New York, Florida and elsewhere. And he got impeached.

Next the coronavirus pandemic hit, he did next to nothing to try to control it, the entire country shut down and so even the people who support him couldn’t travel or play golf. Trump Organization revenue tanked. Then there was that whole losing-the-presidential-election-falsely-claiming-fraud-inciting-an-insurrectionist-riot-second-impeachment thing that also wasn’t too good for business.

Now comes word of another stinging rebuke to the one-term president who loves all things gold-plated: all 10 Trump-branded hotels and resorts have been dropped as listings from the world’s largest, most prestigious luxury travel network. Virtuoso.com, whose motto is “the best of the best,” once showcased Trump properties throughout the United States and around the world. Now searching for his name on the website only will get you a “404 page not found” error message.

A spokesperson for Virtuoso confirmed to Forbes that Trump Hotels ceased being a preferred partner earlier this month, but wouldn’t explain why out of an abundance of discretion. “As a rule, we don’t talk about why we engage in non-renewals with partners,” said Misty Belles, managing director of global public relations for the company. “And we don’t talk about why they exit just as a courtesy for them and everyone involved.”

For the type of five-star luxury hotels included in the site, there is no more prestigious network affiliation than Virtuoso. The average annual household income of the typical Virtuoso traveler is north of $300,000. They’re the kind of travelers who don’t balk at spending four figures per night at a hotel, resort or spa. Those are precisely the moneyed customers Trump always tried to attract to his properties by promising nothing but the best. Those glory days seem to be a thing of the past.

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