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Trump Hotel Employees Dish On Serving Right Wing Elite

Trump Hotel Employees Dish On Serving Right Wing Elite

When you serve Donald Trump his well-done steak, you have to open the mini glass Heinz ketchup bottle in front of him so that he can hear the seal make that popping sound. Strictly adhere to the seven-step procedure required to serve him Diet Coke. And never, ever, ever, adorn his meal with garnishes.

Those are just some of the juicy details spelled out in the “Standard Operating Procedure” document of BLT Prime, the restaurant at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. The SOP guide was recently obtained by Washingtonian magazine, the long-time must read for the capital city’s movers and shakers, and will be published in its March 2021 edition. It spells out in step by step order exactly what to do and say anytime Trump dined at the restaurant. There also are details about the peculiarities of other right wing friends of Trump who frequented the establishment.

First of all, everyone knew Table 72 belonged to Trump. The magazine writes, “The round booth in the middle of the Trump Hotel’s mezzanine was impossible to miss. It didn’t matter how many Congress members were clamoring for a reservation at the steakhouse or whether some tourist tried to slip a manager some cash (which they definitely did). No one sat at Trump’s table except the president, his children, and, occasionally, an approved member of his inner circle like Rudy Giuliani or Mike Pence. Sure, it may now be a relic in an underperforming venue. But for those four epic years, it was a carefully curated prop in the Trump Show.”

As soon as Trump was seated, he had to be discreetly presented with a mini bottle of Purell hand sanitizer. Next the server had to inquire if that day he preferred his Diet Coke with or without ice and then precisely follow the illustrated instructions for opening the bottle in front of the germophobe president.

Whenever he stopped in for a bite there was never any questions as to what the kitchen should prepare because he always had the same thing: shrimp cocktail ($24), well-done steak (New York strip $60), and fries ($13). If Melania was with him, hold the parsley and chives. She reportedly once sent back a $64 order of Dover sole because it was polluted with those green garnishes.

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Several former employees of the hotel restaurant confirmed details for the magazine. They say the most notorious of the VIPs to crash the joint was Rudy Giuliani, who had a regular table in the restaurant’s downstairs dining area. “It was pretty much his office. He was doing more paperwork there than eating,” according to former executive chef Bill Williamson. “Some days, he’d be there all day.” At one point, someone made it official and created a black-and-gold plaque that read RUDOLPH W. GIULIANI PRIVATE OFFICE. The restaurant would keep it behind the host stand and place it at his table before he arrived.

You can read all of the delicious details about Trump, Giuliani and other Trump-era patrons here in the Washingtonian.

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