Trump Hotel Charging Big Bucks For July 4 Weekend

President Trump is planning a big celebration on the National Mall for the July 4 weekend. Trump is planning the big bash despite warnings that the virus is not finished with us, yet. The last celebration raised a lot of eyebrows due to the cost and the focus put on Trump. Trump says he wants to do a repeat performance for 2020.

Not everyone is excited about the event. Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a watchdog group, had this to say, “Despite the public health concerns raised by hosting a huge public gathering in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump has made it clear that he plans to charge ahead.”

The celebration was announced by Trump during a coronavirus task force meeting back in April. He said, “On July 4, we’ll be doing what we had at the Mall. We’re going to be doing it.” Last year was a tremendous success, and I would imagine we’ll do it — hopefully I can use the term — ‘forever.’ That was a great success as you remember.”

Trump also said that the crowd would be a little smaller this time around. He predicts the crowd will shrink by 25 percent. He added, “Most likely we’ll be standing 6 feet apart” in a “very, very interesting way.”

The bigger news is that Trump’s hotels will be raising their rates considerably for the holiday weekend. It is being reported that the rates will be around $562 to $2,257 for Trump International. Those rates exclude taxes and fees.

This is happening after Trump has been constantly accused of using the presidency to make himself richer.

According to the DCist, the National Park Service has confirmed the celebration will happen this year. They said in a statement, “As President Trump mentioned, the Department of the Interior and NPS are continuing to plan for a Fourth of July celebration on the National Mall.”

We will see if social distancing will be possible in such a crowded event.

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