‘Trump Has Spent His Entire Adult Life’ Finding Ways To Spy On People, Says GOP Pundit Who Had Her Emails Hacked

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While Attorney General William Barr pushed unsubstantiated claims during Congressional testimony that President Donald Trump was spied upon as a candidate, it’s important to note that Trump himself has allegedly, for a long time, been surveilling others as a private citizen.

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In the latest episode of Ed and Brian Krassenstein’s KrassenCast podcast, which is now available on iTunes, Youtube. and Google Play, the brothers interviewed Cheri Jacobus, a former GOP pundit and communications specialist who, at one point, was considered for a role within the Trump presidential campaign.

Jacobus revealed to the Krassenstein brothers during an interview on their show that she herself has had her emails hacked. She suspects the Trump campaign was able to get their hands on those emails, as she began being harassed at her work, at the time writing for USA Today, by a member of Trump’s campaign apparatus.

“There was a member of the Trump team…who was trying to get some things pulled from USA Today, namely get me pulled from USA Today, and was going to the right-wing editor” of the publication, Jacobus said. She added that this individual was using “a separate piece of information” to get her removed “that only could have been garnered from my hacked emails.”

Jacobus also told the Krassensteins that Trump has routinely spied on his guests at his properties over the years.

“Trump has spent his entire adult life basically finding ways to spy on people,” she said. “A lot of this has been published in reports. We heard that he had basically a switchboard set up in his apartment at Mar-a-Lago so he can listen in on the phone calls of guests.”

The entire interview can be heard in Episode 14 of KrassenCast now available on iTunes, Youtube. and Google Play, as well as in the video below:

Jacobus’ claims match reporting that was done in June of 2016. Four anonymous sources told BuzzFeed News at the time that staff were aware of the fact, and warned, that Trump liked to eavesdrop on phone calls that were made at the resort, since at least the mid-2000s. The Trump campaign denied the allegations at the time.

Jacobus went on, citing other examples of Trump’s penchant for spying.

“There have been other instances where I’ve been told that C-Suite types, after staying in a Trump property, had some funny things happening on their cell phones after that, and had to have everything wiped or reconfigured,” she said. “So to assume that Trump has not been doing this sort of thing forever, well, we know that he has.”

You can subscribe to the KrassenCast podcast on iTunes, Youtube. and Google Play.

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