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Hitler Has Nothing on Trump, Says Former GOP Gov. Christie Whitman

Hitler Has Nothing on Trump, Says Former GOP Gov. Christie Whitman

Christie Whitman served as New Jersey’s Governor from 1994 through 2001. The popular governor later went to work for President George W. Bush, serving as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. She says she left the position after VP Dick Cheney asked her to roll back environmental protections.

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Eisenhower Fellowships)

The former New Jersey governor has never been a fan of Donald Trump. In 2016, she said she would probably vote for Hillary Clinton instead. Whitman has now taken her Trump criticism to a new level, comparing the president to Adolf Hitler.

Whitman had made the comments while linking to an article about a violent video shown at Trump’s Doral, Florida resort. In the Tuesday tweet, she used the hashtag, #Hitler has nothing on #Trump.

While the former lawmaker deleted the tweet, she today stood by her comments. She told NBC4 News, “Hitler took a long time to get where he was and he had to do a lot of other things. Trump is going much faster. We are going down a dark hole and I really worry for the country.”

She then explained why she felt the comparison was apt, “Hitler … wanted was unadulterated adulation. I think our president wants unadulterated adulation and he doesn’t stand for anyone who was going to question that.”

Whitman reposted the article about the violent video and wrote, “This video, played @ the president’s resort, is the stuff of dictators. The US is a land of discourse with those who disagree, not violent destruction of opponents in a church. Trump & his defenders should be ashamed. What is America becoming?”

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