Trump Has COVID-19 Antibodies – When Did He Get Them?

The Wednesday health update about Donald Trump from Sean P. Conley, DO, includes the following curious phrases:

  1. The President this morning says “I feel great!”
  2. Of note today, the President’s labs demonstrated detectable levels of SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies from labs drawn Monday.

The first, replete with the exclamation mark, can easily be dismissed as a campaign statement. The second is much more troubling and confusing.

If Trump does, in fact, have detectable antibody levels it could be that the test results reflect that he was administered an experimental Regeneron antibody cocktail last Friday. But it’s also possible that he has had the coronavirus much longer than his administration has admitted.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website, “antibodies most commonly become detectable 1–3 weeks after symptom onset, at which time evidence suggests that infectiousness likely is greatly decreased and that some degree of immunity from future infection has developed.”

If one were to refer to a calendar, that could mean that Trump actually could have been infected with the virus – and covering up symptoms while contagious – at the time of the first presidential debate with Joe Biden on Sept. 29 in Cleveland. That would be before his abbreviated Duluth, Minn., rally on Wednesday, Sept. 30, and the Bedminster, N.J., fund raiser the following day. Trump disclosed his positive virus test result early Friday morning and was transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Friday evening.

But because the super-secretive White House is not making the evasive Conley available for in person questioning and instead only is issuing written statements authorized by Trump it’s impossible to know which scenario might explain the purported test results.

Wednesday’s Conley memo also does not address a number of questions medical experts have posed about Trump’s bout with the virus: what medication is the president currently taking, what are the specifics about his oxygen levels, what is his lung condition, does he have so-called COVID pneumonia and when was the last time he tested negative for the disease?

It’s also interesting to note that Trump, while tweeting up a storm, has not been seen live, in photos or on video since returning to the White House Monday evening.

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