Trump Had Hillary Clinton’s Stolen Emails for a Month Before WikiLeaks Published Them

Donald Trump’s campaign had access to Hillary Clinton’s stolen emails a full month before they were published by WikiLeaks.

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey

British magazine Spectator revealed on Thursday that Cambridge Analytica, the now-defunct data-collection house that helped Donald Trump steal data from 83 million Facebook users, was in possession of Clinton’s emails.

“The US intelligence agencies believe that Russian internet ‘troll factories’ were also pushing out pro-Trump propaganda on social media: sometimes fake news, sometimes real news, such as the hacked contents of Clinton’s emails,” he adds. “The question is whether this was done in coordination with the Trump campaign,” BBC Correspondent Paul Wood reveals.

An anonymous “American lawyer” revealed the bombshell information to Wood. That information was obtained by Russian hackers who gained access to the former Secretary of State’s private emails.

The lawyer says a Cambridge Analytica employee contacted them following Trump’s election victory to explain the situation. When asked what they should do with that information, the lawyer told the employee to immediately contact the Special Counsel’s Robert Mueller.

The big reveal went viral after it was shared on Twitter by former NSA employee John Schindler.

Boom! Indeed.

You can read the entire story from The Spectator Here.

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