Trump Had an Absurd Reaction After a Texas Candidate He Endorsed Lost

When Donald Trump entered the White House in 2017, Republicans had control of the White House, House and Senate. On the day he left in 2021, Republicans had lost all 3.

Still, the former president likes to paint himself as both a winner and a king maker. And the GOP has decided to give them all the power he wants.

But in order to retain that power, Trump has to be able to show that he can get Republicans elected. One of his first post presidency efforts to do so failed this week when a candidate he backed in Texas lost their congressional primary. The reaction to the loss was pure Trump.

The former president had supported Susan Wright who was battling Jake Ellezy for the opportunity to be the Republican candidate in Texas’ 6th District. Trump had endorsed her on multiple occasions and recorded a robocall for her.

“I think this is the only race we’ve lost together,” Trump said of himself and Republican group, Club for Growth. Realizing that he had actually admitted a loss, he corrected himself, “This is the only race we’ve … this is not a loss, again, I don’t want to claim it is a loss, this was a win. …The big thing is, we had two very good people running that were both Republicans. That was the win..”


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