Trump Gets Walloped By Biden In New Poll — Most Also Say They Wish Former VP Was In Charge During Crisis

One day after former Vice President Joe Biden became the sole person running for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president — and thus, the presumed nominee for that party — a new poll shows that he has a commanding double-digit lead against President Donald Trump.

David Lienemann/Wikimedia; The White House/Flickr

According to a poll released on Thursday by CNN/SSRS, if the election were held on this day, Biden would win support among a majority of American voters, with 53 percent saying they’d vote for him, versus 42 percent who say they’d want Trump re-elected.

On a number of issues, Biden is simply seen as the better choice by the electorate — including on the current coronavirus crisis. Around the same number who say they’d back Biden for president also say he’d be a better leader during the pandemic, with 52 percent saying so. Forty-three percent say they are happy that Trump, not Biden, is in charge of things during the disease’s spread.

Biden gets much better marks on healthcare in general, too, with 57 percent saying he’s the better choice on that topic, and only 39 percent preferring Trump on the issue.

When it comes to the economy, however, Trump has a small advantage against the former vice president. Fifty percent of Americans say the incumbent president is the better option to lead on economic matters, while 46 percent prefer Biden.

Biden’s general election matchup against Trump is indeed impressive at this time, but many may caution against getting ahead of themselves and thinking he’s a shoe-in to win. According to Real Clear Politics’ average of polls, at this time in 2016, Hillary Clinton also had a double-digit lead against Trump, and ended up losing the Electoral College count to the Republican in the general election.

On the other hand, it appears that Biden is giving Trump a run for his money when it comes to the Electoral College, too — as prior reporting from HillReporter.com has noted.

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