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Trump Fundraising Messages Suggest He’s Still President (Screenshots)

Trump Fundraising Messages Suggest He’s Still President (Screenshots)

The Trump Campaign continues to send out fundraising messages, and according to many recipients, they are being worded to imply that Donald Trump is still the President of the United States, months after he left office.

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There have been reports that Trump gets angry at those who refer to him as the “former president,” and in his own communications, including his now-defunct blog, he has typically referred to himself as “the 45th President of the United States” — a title that’s accurate without making any claims of current status.

A new fundraising text several people say they’ve received from the Trump Campaign does much the same: identifies the former guy as “Pres. Trump” and refers to his upcoming “presidential speech” on June 5th, but stops short of saying explicitly that he’s still the president.

Dr. Alan Rosenblatt shared a screenshot of the message on social media, but he’s far from the only person to say they received it.

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The URL leads to a survey on the Save America site, and like so many that have been reported on, it’s a push poll with extremely biased answer options. For example, one question asks about the state of the nation under Joe Biden (it does not grant him the title of President) and the answer options are “Terrible,” “Horrible,” “Very bad” or “ALL OF THE ABOVE.”

[Screenshot via Save America PAC]

Another question asks who is better to lead the country, and the options are “Joe Biden” or “President Trump.” The poll also refers to “President Trump” and his upcoming “Presidential speech.”

The speech Trump is slated to give on June 5th, notably, is to the North Carolina GOP Convention, the AP reports — not to the nation. It’s also closed to media, and reportedly won’t be available by livestream, so it appears it will truly be for attendees only.

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