Trump Frustrated, Powerless To Lash Out At Dr. Fauci Without Social Media

Before he was elected to the highest office in the nation, Donald Trump’s Twitter account was his platform for grievances personal and political. With his efforts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election, he’s not only lost his presidential podium, but his beloved Twitter account, too. Now, he’s facing a new struggle as this leaves him unable to publically respond to his former advisors as they spill the beans on their experience with his administration.

Donald Trump sad he can't tweet about Dr. Fauci
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

According to the Raw Story, the former president has spent his days out of office at Mar-A-Lago, watching news clips, and he’s very frustrated to hear the experts who advised him on COVID-19 matters speaking out about him. Dr. Anthony Fauci has spoken about Trump’s rejection of science, and implied that it’s a relief to work with an administration that accepts an honest answer.

Meanwhile, Dr. Deborah Birx has come forward to say that she saw Trump presenting COVID-19 data that she had not provided, and that was not consistent with the facts as she knew them, and that there was false information being handed to him by someone behind the scenes.

According to the Daily Beast, Trump is utterly furious and wishes he had fired Dr. Fauci while he was in office and had the opportunity to do so. However, that’s not the only power he’s lost — he reportedly is also very frustrated that he can’t use Twitter to publicly trash Fauci, and disavow not only his statements, but others coming from the Biden Administration about his pandemic response, or lack thereof.

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