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“Trump For Prison” #LockHimUp Trends As Indictments Begin

“Trump For Prison” #LockHimUp Trends As Indictments Begin

Indictments for the Trump Organization and its Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg are to be unsealed this afternoon, but on Twitter, the party has already started, with celebrants calling for Donald Trump himself to be next on the list.

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Weisselberg turned himself in early Thursday morning, and social media users are waiting to hear exactly what the indictments say when they’re unsealed, but nobody is putting the schadenfreude on hold. No one has forgotten Trump encouraging his rally audiences to chant “lock her up” about some fictional crimes he imagined up for Hillary Clinton, so it’s only natural that they adapted the chant for him.


Trump is more than an ex-president. He’s even become more than all his own action, his own (alleged) crimes, and his ow boasting and posturing and pride in abusing power and wealth. For a lot of Americans, he seems to have become emblematic of abusers as a category. As Michelle Goldberg put it in Slate in 2016, he’s a human trigger who “has a unique and sickening ability to resurface women’s memories of abuse and trauma.”

It’s very clear that a lot of folks tweeting want Trump to face legal consequences not so much for tax fraud as for the long list of women who have made allegations of sexual assault at his hands.

Then of course there are the election lies, and the attempted insurrection stemming from them.

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Donald Trump isn’t the only member of his family who needs to face consequences, tweets emphasize.



The only indictments the public has been notified of at this point are for the Trump Organization and Weisselberg, but they may be the first snowball in an avalanche.

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