Trump Flak Jason Miller Says Recent Oscar Nominee Robert De Niro is 'Washed-Up' [VIDEO]

Most people who have worked alongside Donald Trump in the political world have looked to leave his side very quickly. Not Jason Miller. The communications specialist has stayed by Trump's side from his time in the White House and through his 2024 campaign. 

On Tuesday, famed actor Robert De Niro, who was nominated for a 2024 Best Supporting Actor, was featured in a video blasting Donald Trump. When Miller was sent out to respond, his attack on De Niro was nonsensical. 

Miller began, "Why is Joe Biden now making this a campaign event after months of weaponizing the legal system against President Trump? Because Joe Biden’s numbers are in the tank. The headline for today in Politico very simply said “Dems in freakout over Joe Biden.” Joe Biden is losing nationally, he’s losing in every single battleground state, and President Trump’s numbers continue to rise."

The Trump sycophant continued:

"And the best that Biden can do is roll out a washed-up actor — and don’t worry, my remarks will be shorter than The Irishman, I won’t make you suffer for three hours — but the best they can do is roll out a washed-up actor. Last week, President Trump spoke in the Bronx. Right? Over 25,000 people show up to rally around him, and the best the Biden campaign could do was put out a web video with Robert De Niro. There is nothing behind the Biden campaign. Their numbers are in the toilet. Kamala Harris is a terrible alternative, and it’s all an attempt to try to turn around the Biden campaign."