Trump Fired a Chief Scientist to Sabotage Climate Progress. Joe Biden Just Rehired Him.

When Donald Trump became president, he made little effort to actually lead the country. Instead, he went to work dismantling everything Barack Obama had put into place.

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[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]
High on Trump’s sabotage list was anything that had to do with the study of climate change. The 45th president left the Paris Climate Accords soon after taking office. And after he was defeated by Joe Biden in November, he fired Michael Kupferberg, who led the executive director of the U.S. Global Change Research Program.

In his place, Trump put two men, David Legates and Ryan Maue. Legates and Maue are known as climate science deniers.

Earlier this week, Joe Biden announced that he would be rehiring Kupferberg and placing him back in his previous role. The scientist said of the decision, “I’m really excited to be back. I think [the program] is a critical component for advancing the climate agenda of this administration. We have an opportunity to put that science to work in informing decisions on our response to climate change.”

Kupferberg said of being fired by Trump, “It’s their prerogative to make those kinds of changes.” He continued, “We’re coordinating science and we’re trying to get to the nation the very best possible science. This is not politics.”


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