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Trump Fails Math Test About Biden’s Thanksgiving Message

Trump Fails Math Test About Biden’s Thanksgiving Message

Donald Trump’s sour grapes 2020 election loss farewell tour continued Friday morning as the soon-to-be former president tried to denigrate President-elect Joe Biden for failing to draw an audience for his Thanksgiving video message.

Trump tweeted that the Biden message had been viewed only 1,000 times, calling that “a record low.” He also opined that “observers say a candidate with “80,000,000” votes would get many more online viewers. He did not cite who keeps such records or identify who those eagle-eyed observers might be.

Trump’s missive concludes “Numbers don’t lie, or add up!” It turns out that’s the only true statement in his tweet.


The source of Trump’s claims about Biden’s small crowd size is One America News Network (OANN) – the same OANN that’s been banned from YouTube for publishing false information about COVID-19.

In its “report” Friday morning an OANN anchor says that “Joe Biden stirs a new controversy after his Thanksgiving address Thursday failed to attract viewers.” She goes on to call Biden’s speech “another baseless attempt to pose as the winner of the recent elections. The mainstream media portrays Biden as the most popular candidate in [the] history of U.S. politics giving him 80 million votes, however, observers say Biden’s miserable viewership online does not reflect [his] purported popularity.”

The astute observation she cites came from a random Twitter user who posted a screenshot showing of Biden’s live stream on YouTube.

Of course, random guy, OANN and Trump all are wrong about viewership. On Twitter at least 74,000 people watched the live stream and more than 5,000 people registered likes.

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More than 88,000 have viewed the video on Biden’s YouTube channel.



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