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Trump Fabricates Bill, then Criticizes Democrats for Supporting It

Trump Fabricates Bill, then Criticizes Democrats for Supporting It

Gage Skidmore

High off the successful Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court, Donald Trump held a rally in Kansas last night. The rally was laden with both criticisms of Democrats and dubious claims about Democratic party platforms.

He began by referring to the Democrats as “the party of crime.” He then continued, “just imagine the devastation they would cause if they ever obtain the power they so desperately want and crave.”

Trump also claimed that there were only around 200 individuals protesting the Kavanaugh nomination. Pictures of the protests show thousands of protestors lining the streets of the capital. CNN reports that 164 of the protestors were arrested.

There was also a discussion of the NFL’s big problem with advertising in Canada. Trump claimed it was fixed thanks to the USMCA.

Trump then said that this should fix any existing problems that NFL players had with his Presidency. According to the Toronto Stars Daniel Dale, he remarked, “NFL players will still hate me even though he fixed the NFL’s problem with Canada and players will get more money, but he doesn’t care as long as they stand for the National Anthem.”

The most dubious claim of the night was a reference to a bill the Democrats allegedly called The Open Borders Bill, that would put all Americans at risk. He claimed that the bill was authored by Dianne Feinstein and that it has been signed by all Democrats.

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There is no bill called The Open Borders Bill. What Trump was referring to is a bill signed created by Dianne Feinstein to stop family separations.

Trump also hammered away at potential Democratic candidates for the 2020 elections. He again referred to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas. He said that Cory Booker was a disaster as Newark mayor and reiterated his desire to fight Joe Biden.

The Kansas rally was in support of Kris Kobach who is in a contentious race for Governor.

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