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Trump Explained To GOP Lawmakers His Fears Of Impeachment: It’s A ‘Bad Thing To Have On Your Resume’

Trump Explained To GOP Lawmakers His Fears Of Impeachment: It’s A ‘Bad Thing To Have On Your Resume’

President Donald Trump attempted to explain to Republican lawmakers over the weekend that his fears about impeachment rest on one notion in particular: what it might mean for his name in the future.

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According to reporting from Axios, during a phone conversation with House Republican lawmakers on Friday, Trump seemingly expressed concerns about his legacy regarding the impeachment inquiry he now faces.

That inquiry stems from a phone conversation Trump had earlier this year with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which he allegedly pressured the foreign leader to open up an investigation on a political adversary.

During the phone call on Friday, according to one source, Trump said impeachment was a “bad thing to have on your resume.” At least two other sources confirmed similar phrasing to that line.


Trump also expressed to lawmakers that impeachment might work out well for them in the long run, however. “It’s going to make Kevin speaker,” Trump allegedly said during the call, referring to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

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Trump likely meant that politically, voters would support Republican candidates in the House over Democrats in future elections. Trump has stepped up his attacks against Pelosi in recent days, and has even accused her of committing acts of treason in a pair of tweets he made on Sunday.

The reporting from Axios seems to confirm the viewpoints of others who once stood very close to Trump in a professional way. A former vice president of the Trump Organization, Barbara Res, also said that Trump would try to avoid impeachment, even resigning from office in order to do so, according to prior reporting from HillReporter.com.

“He does a lot of things to save face,” Res explained, adding that impeachment “would be very, very, very bad for him” to face.

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