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Trump Engaged in a War of Words With ‘Sleazebag’ Ben Sasse

Trump Engaged in a War of Words With ‘Sleazebag’ Ben Sasse

While he was in office, Donald Trump went mostly unchallenged by GOP lawmakers. Even Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio, who initially opposed the 45th president, quickly fell into line.

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Ben Sasse stood out as one of the few Conservatives willing to call out Trump during his presidency. The Nebraska senator voted to impeach the former president in January. This week, Trump attempted to get his revenge during a long rant against the senator.

Trump told Mollie Hemingway, “Terrible senator. This started right at the beginning. He’s actually stupid, ’cause you know the problem with the Republicans is they don’t stick together. You don’t have Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse in the Democrat Party.”

The former president continued:

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“I say, ‘Keep him out. Guy’s a loser.’ So they said, ‘No, no, no. He wants to make peace.’ He was like a little boy. He was so well behaved. He didn’t say a word. And they made a case as to why I should let him back into the fold. You’ve got to see him at that meeting. He was like a quiet little boy who just sat there. And they did all the talking on his behalf and you know that he couldn’t have been better. He didn’t say a bad thing about me for two years.”


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