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Trump Endorses Random Guy From Canada For Ohio Congressional Seat

Trump Endorses Random Guy From Canada For Ohio Congressional Seat

Twitter can often be confusing, especially for the older generations who may not have grown up on the internet, but one would assume that the President of the United States, who has close to 40,000 tweets to his name, would be an expert on the platform. Think again!

Last night the president decided to use Twitter to endorse yet another candidate in a tight congressional race in Ohio. Like his many other Twitter endorsements, he used a rather generic message to convey that he was backing Troy Balderson, Ohio’s Republican candidate for the 12th district of Ohio.

“.@troybalderson is doing a great job as Congressman from Ohio. We need him in D.C. Vote for Troy- He has my total Endorsement!” the tweet read.

The problem is that Mr. Trump tagged the wrong Troy Balderson in his tweet. The congressional candidate, Troy Balderson uses the Twitter handle: “@Troy_Balderson”, but the President tagged a @TroyBalderson in his tweet instead.

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The Balderson that Trump endorsed, isn’t only not running for office in the United States, but he actually is a Canadian resident, meaning he couldn’t run for Congress even if he wanted to.

Trump realized his mistake within an hour and deleted the incorrect tweet before deciding to endorse the actual Troy Balderson who’s running for Ohio’s 12th district congressional seat.  He then went on to endorse numerous other Republican candidates, tagging all the correct usernames, without error.

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