Trump Encourages Vote by Mail in Florida, But Democrats are Crushing Republicans in Early Returns

Regardless of what year it might be, eyes are always turned towards Florida on election night. The Sunshine State has been a true swing state for many years and its 29 electoral votes could often make either candidate a winner. 2020 looks to be no different.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Donald Trump knows that if he loses Florida, he has essentially no shot at winning the election. Joe Biden has been devoting significant resources to the state. And so far the Democratic strategy seems to be working as many more Democrats have returned mail in ballots than Republicans.

Florida has a massive vote by mail operation as many of its residents are seniors. So while he may be casting doubt on vote by mail in other states, Trump is aggressively pushing the method in the state of Florida.

Former Obama spokesperson Kevin Cate broke down the early returns from the state. He began, “Democratic turnout rates are higher than Republicans in every single county in Florida. 67 out of 67.”

Cate continued, “As of today, registered Florida Democrats lead GOP voters by an unprecedented 384,353. At this point in ’16, it was GOP +7,063.”

The Democratic strategist closed his thread, “It’s okay to be optimistic & still work like hell to elect Joe Biden & progressives. The only reason there’s any good data to share is because you’re working like hell. Keep it up & Florida will still be close-ish, but it’ll be an early E-Night.”

As Cate notes, Florida begins counting their votes early. If Biden is to win the state, Trump will likely not be able to falsely claim victory on election night.

You can read his entire tweet thread here.

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