Trump Enablers Joining Amicus Shouldn’t Be Confirmed, Have Betrayed America, Won’t Be Forgotten By History, Dem Leadership Warns

Over 100 Republican House members have joined an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to overturn the election in Donald Trump’s favor. Democratic leadership is responding with warnings of what this means for the country, and for these legislators.

Republicans overturning election shouldn't be in gvmt, say Dems
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

As reported by Raw Story, the harshest suggested response comes from Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ). He is calling for the legislature to refuse to confirm into office any Representatives who are fighting to overturn the will of the electorate.

He says, “Stated simply, men and women who would act to tear the United States government apart cannot serve as Members of the Congress,” and calls on Congress to “exercise the power of your offices to evaluate steps you can take to address these constitutional violations this Congress and, if possible, refuse to seat in the 117th Congress any Members-elect seeking to make Donald Trump an unelected dictator.”

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) also spoke strongly, declaring that these legislators have betrayed their country, and calling it an act of treachery against the nation.

Representative Adam Schiff also spoke in a statement saying that these members should be ashamed, and that they will be remembered by history for their enabling.

It’s not entirely clear whether it’s possible to refuse to confirm these members for their efforts to overturn a legal election. Holland & Knight law blog notes that in a 1969 Supreme Court ruling, SCOTUS declared that the Speaker of the House could not refuse to confirm a duly elected candidate for any reason, considering the right of the people to elect a candidate to supersede the right of Congress to judge a member’s qualifications. However, the ruling agreed that Congress has post facto authority, and could expel a member, though it would take a 2/3 vote.

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