Trump Dragged For New Year’s Tweet

The Trump fatigue is real, and now everybody is letting him know it.

Lame-duck Donald Trump was shown the virtual door Friday morning amid reminders that he’s a one-term impeached President. Trump kicked off his New Year’s Day by tweeting out “HAPPY NEW YEARS!” only to have critics suggest that he “start packing.”

Trump, who is still hoping that Republicans in Congress will help him stay in office by contesting the election results, returned early to Washington D.C. from his Mar-a-Lago resort, where locals have voted to keep him from retiring full time. With only five days to go until his Grinch-like plan to stop Inauguration Day from coming, Trump and his minions intend to disrupt Congress when it reconvenes on Tuesday to certify the Electoral College votes that show former Vice President Joe Biden won the election.

And with only nineteen days left to enjoy the protection of the Oval Office and the chance to sew even more chaos before he leaves, Trump’s public behavior continues to belie the panic he must be feeling as he and three of his five children face imminent prosecution in New York.¬†Tweeting out a simple, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Trump was immediately told, “back atcha, big guy. now go pack your big smelly bags, you’re toast” among other responses from Twitter users who are more than ready to see the @POTUS account transferred to Joe Biden on January 20th.

Conversely, President-Elect Joe Biden tweeted his own New Year’s message, which was received with much more warmth and appreciation.


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