Trump Donor Gets $20 Million in Bailout For Private Jet Company

A Trump donor who owns a privet jet company based in Omaha Nebraska is another major donor to receive a bailout from the CARE ACT. The company is called Jet Linx Aviation and its main clientele is wealthy CEOs and other executives.  This is not the first private jet company owned by a major Trump supporter and donor to receive a bailout. These bailouts were intended for the airline industry in response to the coronavirus and its effects on the travel sector.

The first private jet company to receive a bailout was a company based in Van Nuys, California called Clay Lacy Aviation. Its owner is also a major Trump donor. The founder of this company gave almost $50,000 to the RNC. The company received $27 million for the CARE ACT, according to CNBC.


According to FEC filings, John Denny Carreker, who is the Vice-Chairman of Jet Linx Management, and his wife, Connie, gifted $68,100 to the RNC, the Trump campaign. and the Trump Victory Committee. The donations took place between October 2015 and November 2016. Also according to the FEC, Connie Carreker, herself, gifted $1,000 to the Trump campaign in November 2018.


The money from the CARES Act was mostly meant for passenger airline companies, such as Delta, United, Southwest, and American Airlines. In fact, around 19.5 billion was set aside specifically for those companies. On the other hand, it is important to note that private jet companies are not excluded from receiving CARES Act relief. Over 70 private charter companies have received relief money when last checked on April 27.  That number is a small representation of the private jet industry. There are about 2,000 private jet companies running within the United States.


Clay Lacy and Jet Linx are two of the most well known private charter companies. When it comes to hours logged they ranked 11th and fifth, respectively, So far, Jet Linx is the only top 10 private charter company to receive federal relief funds.  It and Clay Lacy also received way more money than other private jet companies. Most companies received around $2.2 million in relief money which is not even close to half of what Clay Lacy and Jet Linx received. It will be interesting to see if any more major Trump donors receive relief.





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