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Trump Diverts From Grisham Jan 6th Testimony Bombshell By…Complaining No One Talks About ‘Biggest Ever’ Crowd on Jan 6th

Trump Diverts From Grisham Jan 6th Testimony Bombshell By…Complaining No One Talks About ‘Biggest Ever’ Crowd on Jan 6th

Former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham “names a lot of names I had not heard before” and “identified some minds of inquiry that had never occurred to me” during a conversation Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) had with her prior to her interview yesterday with the committee, the House Committee Member revealed on CNN.

Grisham’s meeting with the committee yesterday came after the former White House aide and chief of staff to first lady Melania Trump had a phone call with committee member Raskin, who encouraged her to meet with the panel. “America is going to be shocked and surprised at what we all come to learn this year,” he told CNN.

WASHINGTON D.C., USA – JANUARY 6: US President Donald Trump speaks at “Save America March” rally in Washington D.C., United States on January 06, 2021. (Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Rep. Raskin, who called the insurrection “a coup” organized by Donald Trump, said the committee has not made a decision about possibly subpoenaing former Vice President Mike Pence if he doesn’t talk to the committee voluntarily. “He has a lot to be proud of. He was a constitutional patriot. He stood up for the Constitution,” Raskin said. “We have subpoenaed lots of people whose testimony we need. The Supreme Court has said Congress has the right to subpoena anyone we want in order to get the information we need in order to govern,” he said.

Guess who’s not happy about hearing that? This guy, who doesn’t understand why no one’s talking about how big the crowd was. It was YUGE! The biggest crowd he’s ever talked to, why aren’t people talking about that? Yes, he really did, and our pal Patriot Takes has the receipts as usual.

Gosh, I wonder why. Could it be that Stephanie Grisham also revealed she and more than a dozen other former Trump officials are meeting next week to discuss how to “stop” Trump from succeeding in his attempt to destroy democracy and prevent him from getting re-elected? Because that’s happening. There’s also SO MUCH going on with the January 6th Committee, the New York Attorney General, and the Fulton County DA. But not in TrumpWorld, where everyone loves him and there’s always McDonald’s to snack on. Paw Paw still thinks the insurrection was like Woodstock, only with extra bear spray and fewer teeth.

Just in case you ever have to teach someone about what unchecked narcissistic personality disorder mixed with martyr syndrome and orange flop sweat is, the above clip can do all of that legwork for you.




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