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People Are Dying So Donald Trump Dedicated A Golf Trophy To Them

People Are Dying So Donald Trump Dedicated A Golf Trophy To Them

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President Trump knows people in Puerto Rico are dying so he dedicated a golf trophy to their memory. The President also dedicated the trophy to everyone who experienced deadly storms in Florida and Texas.

The man who regularly yelled at President Obama for enjoying the occasional round of golf while in office, stopped by the Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City on Sunday where he celebrated the Presidents Cup Golf Tournament.

In speaking about the people who are suffering from life-threatening conditions, the President offered a quick dedication.

“I want to just remember them and we’re going to dedicate this trophy to all of those people,” Trump said at the course, as he patted the shiny golf trophy.

Trump did manage to acknowledge the “horrible” situation in Puerto Rico but also attempted to take credit for repairing the damage caused by the storms.

“We have it under really great control,” the President managed to claim with a straight face.


The President, following his typical playbook, managed to avoid speaking about any criticisms that have been rightfully lobbed at his administration.

Trump has come under fire for taking days to lift the Jones Act, a 1920 law that restricts shipments between American ports to US-owned and operated cargo ships. The restriction, after the storm hit, greatly delayed life-saving supplies from arriving in the U.S. territory and likely directly contributed to numerous deaths at intensive care units throughout the island.

Shockingly, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Trump didn’t waive the Jones Act until a 10-day suspension was requested by the island’s governor, Ricardo Rossello.

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“We are grateful that our cries for justice were heard and that the president did the right thing and stood on the right side of history,” San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz told CNN after the restrictions were removed.

The president’s administration is under fire for allegedly failing to do enough to help Puerto Rico as a majority of its 3.4 million residents are still faced with island-wide power outages, collapsed infrastructure and ongoing shortages of water and other supplies in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

In the meantime, Trump is attempting to save lives, one shiny golf trophy at a time.

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