Trump Crowds Waning — Photos Show President’s Florida Speech Very Poorly Attended

Donald Trump is again being mocked on social media for a poor turnout at an event. The president spoke on the tarmac at Tampa International Airport, before a round table on storm preparedness. What he may not have been prepared for, however, was the crowd size. Trump shared videos of the event on his Twitter — but others have pointed out the video is zoomed in closely enough that it doesn’t show all the empty space around the tightly-packed small group.

Trump losing crowds
[Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images]

According to ABC, the official count is “hundreds” of attendees. Many images surfaced that don’t seem to support that, though. The videos Trump shared on his social media garnered criticism for showing yet another event with no masks or social distancing — but then the other photos showed up.

The short clips Trump shared seem to show the first few rows of a packed crowd. However, the other images soon surfaced. These showed that those first few rows were actually most of the crowd.

Express reports that attendees were asked, over a loudspeaker, to maintain social distance during the event, where there was clearly plenty of room for people to spread out, but instead the small crowd remained packed into the space at the front.

This comes after Herman Cain’s death from COVID-19 that he may have caught at a maskless, distance-free Tulsa rally for the president, and after Trump has actually canceled in-person rallies, briefly attempting telephone events instead before simply returning to his prior pandemic practice of holding daily briefings at the White House.

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