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Trump Critic Amash Celebrated at Michigan Town Hall

Trump Critic Amash Celebrated at Michigan Town Hall

Once Justin Amash stated that he supported the impeachment of Donald Trump, the GOP hounds circled. A primary challenger to the congressman’s Michigan seat quickly emerged in Jim Lower.

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Lower quickly made appearances on different Fox News programs making it seem like defeating Amash would be a foregone conclusion. If the reception Amash received at his town hall was any indication, though, the challenger will have an uphill battle.

The meeting was held in Grand Rapids, the largest city in Amash’s 3rd district. According to Politico, “attendees in the mostly-friendly audience gave Amash several standing ovations and heaps of praise for his solo rebellion against Trump.”

The congressman told the audience that he, “has a duty to keep the president in check.” He continued, “It doesn’t matter to me that some people won’t support me. You have to do the right thing regardless.”

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Amash also criticized Republicans who completely refuse to stand up to President Trump. He told the crowd, “Under the current administration, spending has skyrocketed. And Republicans, unfortunately, haven’t said that much about it. I haven’t changed … I’m a principled, constitutional conservative who has stayed consistent, regardless of whether we’ve had President Obama in office or President Trump.”

While it looks like Amash would have a decent chance at holding onto his seat, that might not be the route he takes. Rather than facing off against Jim Lower he may make a run at Donald Trump. According to a report from last week, the congressman may run as a Libertarian presidential candidate.

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