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Trump Crime Syndicate: Gaetz Paid Fees to Stone’s Tax Shelter

Trump Crime Syndicate: Gaetz Paid Fees to Stone’s Tax Shelter

Newly released campaign documents for beleaguered Congressman Matt Gaetz (Q-FL) show the scandal-plagued Florida Man has spent the last month in “full damage control mode”. The documents show that Gaetz’s fellow Trump ally Roger Stone spent weeks publicly defending Gaetz after being paid by his campaign.

According to the documents, Gaetz has been spending most of his funds on direct mail and TV ad blitzes intended to undo the damage from revelations that he’s being investigated by the FBI for his involvement in sex trafficking. Gaetz has been desperately trying to gain public support in his district with ads that urge voters to “fight back” against “a multi-week fake news cycle” about the investigation into whether Gaetz paid for sex with multiple women, including one who was just 17 years old at the time.

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Federal campaign finance disclosures reveal Gaetz’s campaign paid Stone’s Drake Ventures $5,000 for “strategic political consulting” fees on March 24. It was the first time the campaign had ever made a payment to the firm. Six days later, the New York Times reported that Gaetz has been under federal investigation for alleged sex trafficking. Last week, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Stone and his wife, Nydia, alleging that the couple owes millions in unpaid taxes and has used Drake Ventures to shelter more than $1 million.

Roger Stone tells Trump how to overturn election
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After Gaetz paid into Stone’s tax shelter, Stone jumped to defend Gaetz. Stone, who at one point was banned from all three major cable news networks over racist and misogynistic comments and conspiracy theories, sat for an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones about the allegations on March 31st, the day after the Times story broke.

Stone used the appearance on “InfoWars” as an opportunity to push the lie that Gaetz was the victim of a conspiracy while praising him as the future of the Republican Party, all without acknowledging that Gaetz’s campaign had paid him thousands of dollars.

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“The only thing @repmattgaetz is guilty of is occasional bad taste in his wardrobe,” Stone posted on Gab on April 14. “The drumbeat of ‘leaks’ against Gaetz from the DOJ are false allegations without evidence or proof.” On Telegram, he shared a link where followers could buy a “Matt Gaetz did nothing wrong” T-shirt.

Aside from the FBI investigation, the House Ethics Committee has also opened an investigation into the accusations against Gaetz.

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