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Trump Creates Debate Team, Chris Christie to Role Play Joe Biden

Trump Creates Debate Team, Chris Christie to Role Play Joe Biden

Donald Trump is getting crushed in a number of polls and looking for a way to boost his approval rating. Instead of taking a hard line on COVID-19, the president is hoping that his debates against Joe Biden has turned the tide.

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While Trump surrogates on TV have mocked Biden’s cognitive ability, they are taking his debate prowess quite seriously. The names on the administration’s debate prep team were recently leaked. Chris Christie, who role played Hillary Clinton prior to the 2016 debates, will now help by portraying Joe Biden.

Axios reports that the other members of the team include Jared Kushner, Bill Stepien and Jason Miller. The is sure to be some contention in this group.

The Bulwark’s Tim Miller tweets, “Trumps debate team is made up of 4 guys. The first put the second guys dad in jail and made the 3rd guy the fall man for their joint corruption. The 4th guy was kept out of the White House over a hooker scandal. Motley crew.”

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And in contrast to their frequent stance that Trump would wipe the floor with Biden, members of the team have indicated that the former Vice President is quite a skilled debater.

Miller recently told the Washington Post, “Joe Biden is actually a very good debater. He doesn’t have as many gaffes as he does in his everyday interviews. I would make the argument that Joe Biden would even be the favorite in the debates since he’s been doing them for 47 years.”


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