Trump-Coveted Person Of The Year Title — Could Biden Take That Too?

Donald Trump has shown a long obsession with Time‘s Person of the Year title. Now the shortlist for this year’s finalists has been released, and when the winner is announced Thursday evening, the president could be very disappointed.

Joe Biden is President-Elect. Is he also Person of the Year?
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Time editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal appeared on the Today show to reveal four people or entities that made the shortlist for 2020. Donald Trump is on the list — no surprise when we recall that the title is bestowed for impact on the world, whether that impact is good or bad. There’s no question the president has made his mark on the world in these four years.

However, also on the list are the fight for racial justice, and healthcare workers along with Dr. Fauci. Either of those could be upsetting to Trump — he’s clashed with Fauci, and complained about not being given credit for COVID-19 response. However, the name on the list that might be most upsetting to the president, if picked, is President-Elect Joe Biden.

By winning the 2020 Presidential Election, Biden is already preparing to step into a title and role that Trump thought of as his own, and had expected to hold for at least another term. If he is also named Person of the Year by Time, he’ll be claiming another title that Trump has coveted and taken pride in wearing.

Trump has already complained in previous years about not receiving the title, and claimed that he chose to reject it, though the magazine has explained that’s not true.

Time will announce their final decision at 10pm eastern Thursday evening.

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