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Trump Coronavirus Adviser Scott Atlas Does Interview on Russian State Television

Trump Coronavirus Adviser Scott Atlas Does Interview on Russian State Television

It’s hard to imagine Dr. Anthony Fauci saying “yes” to this booking. Scott Atlas, Donald Trump’s now favorite coronavirus task force adviser, appeared yesterday in an extended interview on RT, the Russian state propaganda television outlet. Assuming that the Trump administration approved Atlas’ appearance, it’s hard to figure out exactly why it was a good idea.

Atlas presumably was watching and listening as the show’s host opened the program by essentially labeling the United States the biggest war-mongering nation on the planet.

“We’re going underground with two days to go before an election in a country which has been involved militarily in 98 percent of all countries on Earth, having invaded 84 of the U.N.’s 193 countries,” he said.

“We go to the White House to speak to one of only two men the U.S. president apparently listens to on the pandemic, White House coronavirus task force adviser Professor Scott Atlas. He tells us why he thinks that lockdowns, mass testing and masks don’t hold up.”

Inexplicably, Atlas ignored the host’s anti-American rhetoric and dutifully began his appearance with the banal phrase, “Thanks for having me.”

Atlas, who has zero experience in epidemiology, then immediately began pushing Trump’s mantra that the media is exaggerating the explosive growth in new COVID-19 cases in the U.S.

“I think there’ s a gross distortion that has been typical of the reporting on this … and that’s there’s this frenzy of focusing on the number of cases when we see a lot of reasons to, you know, be cautiously optimistic here.” He also said “the disease is deadly only to the elderly and high-risk people,” that there’s no shortage of PPE and that hospitals and intensive care units are not being overwhelmed with an influx of new cases. None of those statements are true.

Atlas also apparently sought to build himself up by taking shots at other members of the coronavirus task force. “By the way, 233,000 excess deaths under, you know, the task force of the people whose names you know before I even walked in the door.”

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Apparently Atlas was quite pleased that he had a chance to speak directly with the Russian people and promoted his appearance with a tweet: “New interview. Lockdowns, facts, frauds … if you can’t handle truth, use a mask to cover your eyes and ears.”


You can watch the entire Atlas RT interview here.

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