Trump Claims to Have “Protective Glow” of Immunity from COVID-19, Tries to Stir Up New Biden Health Issue

Donald Trump says he has a “protective glow” of “immunity” from coronavirus, Joe Biden is covering up two brain aneurysms, a middle class income tax cut is coming “as soon as we win” and he’s going to be looking into the existence of UFOs.

Yes, those are the actual key takeaways from Trump’s latest appearance with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Sunday morning. Even by Trump standards – and the bar’s pretty high – his call in to the show was bizarre.

About an hour after son Eric said Donald Trump was “cured” of coronavirus by vaccines developed by his administration, Trump appeared on Fox News and announced that “it looks like I’m immune … maybe for a long time, maybe a short time, it could be a lifetime. Nobody really knows.”

Although he never said specifically what the test was, Trump continued to portray himself as being the healthiest person on the planet: “I passed the highest test, the highest standards and I’m in great shape. I have to tell you I feel fantastically.” Grammar aside, Trump then seemed to portray himself as having developed some kind of super power: “I even feel good by the fact that the word immunity means something, having really a protective glow. It means something, it’s really important.”

Bartiromo then tried to imply that she had breaking news regarding former vice president Biden’s health. “My medical sources tell me that Joe Biden had two – not one but two – brain aneurysms,” she said. “I hope to God it’s not true but my medical sources are solid. Do you believe that he should be disclosing that?”

Trump played along, responding: “Yeah, he should certainly come clean. He should say something about that, absolutely, if that’s the case.”

The big problem with that disingenuous exchange is that it’s well documented that Biden did, in fact, have two brain aneurysms – in 1988.

After misrepresenting every policy position of the Biden campaign Trump then blurted out that he is planning a middle class income tax cut after the election, although that’s something that he has never mentioned on the campaign trail this year.

Fittingly, the appearance ended on this other-worldly note:

Bartiromo: “Mr. President, are there UFOs?”

Trump: “I’m gonna have to check on that. I’ll take a good, strong look at that.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:


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