Trump Claims That Liz Cheney Destroyed 'Most of the Evidence' From January 6th

In a New Year's rant, Donald Trump claimed that Liz Cheney destroyed evidence that his lawyers needed to mount a defense in his federal case. 

The former President can feel the walls closing in and he is grasping at straws for defenses that might work for him. Since he faces no consequences for making ridiculous statements, he continues to do so. The latest claim is that the January 6th committee tampered with evidence. 

Trump wrote on his Truth Social page, "Why did American Disaster Liz Cheney, who suffers from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), and was defeated for Congress by the largest margin for a sitting Congressman or Congresswoman in the history of our Country, ILLEGALLY DELETE & DESTROY most of the evidence, and related items, from the January 6th Committee of Political Thugs and Misfits."

The deranged rant then blamed Nancy Pelosi for Trump's refusal to call in the National Guard to prevent his supporters from ransacking the Capitol:

"THIS ACT OF EXTREME SABOTAGE MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR MY LAWYERS TO PROPERLY PREPARE FOR, AND PRESENT, A PROPER DEFENSE OF THEIR CLIENT, ME. All of the information on Crazy Nancy Pelosi turning down 10,000 soldiers that I offered to guard the Capitol Building, and beyond, is gone. The ridiculous Deranged Jack Smith case on Immunity, which the most respected legal minds in the Country say I am fully entitled to, is now completely compromised and should be thrown out and terminated, JUST LIKE THE RADICAL LEFT LUNATICS DID TO THE EVIDENCE!"