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Trump Claims That Ivanka Has Created 14 Million Jobs

Trump Claims That Ivanka Has Created 14 Million Jobs

Donald Trump often gives his oldest children a large amount of support and responsibility. None of his children, though, receive more praise than daughter Ivanka. At different times, the President has claimed that his daughter could be a great UN Ambassador or even the head up the World Bank, saying that she is “very good with numbers.”

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One position Trump did put his daughter in charge of is heading up the White House’s Pledge to American Workers. The President said that Ivanka has done an incredible job, creating a total of 14 million new jobs.

Trump made the claim during a speech to the Economic Club of New York. He told the attendees, “And when she started this, two and half years ago, her goal was 500,000 Jobs. She has now created 14 million Jobs and they are being trained by these great companies, the greatest companies in the world because the government cannot train them. It’s a great thing.”

The comments were immediately fact checked by incredulous reporters. James Fallows pointed out that nowhere near that many jobs have been created since Trump has taken office. He tweeted, “TOTAL US employment rise in past 3 years, including normal population growth, is around 6 million. Share of that via Ivanka?”


Frequent Trump fact checker Daniel Dale also weighed in on the President’s comments. He explained that the “jobs”, “are education and training opportunities, many of them for existing employees and many planned before/entirely independent of the Pledge.”

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner serve in an advisory role to the President.



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