Trump Claims His Approval Rating Would be 75% if Not for the ‘Russian Witch Hunt’

“Witch Hunt!”

It seems as though that’s what we’ve been hearing from Trump ever since Robert Mueller was appointed to look into Russian election interference and possible collusion on behalf of the Trump campaign.

Yesterday Trump posted a tweet bragging about his latest approval rating a recent Rasmussen poll, which claims he has a 50% approval rating.  This rating contradicts other polls such as Gallup which has his approval rating at just 38%.

Apparently Trump thinks that even a 50% approval rating is low for him, claiming via Twitter, that it would instead be at 75% if it wasn’t for the “phony Russia Witch Hunt”.

The president is now referring to the legal investigation of his campaign as “Presidential Harassment”.  This is a term that he began using shortly after Democrats reclaimed the House of Representatives in November.

Gage Skidmore

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