Trump Claims COVID-19 Lies Were To Protect America; Former Senator Says That’s Another Lie

Donald Trump has been caught in a lie about COVID-19. While the public debated whether he really believed the virus would go away on its own, or was knowingly spreading false information, Bob Woodward got up close and found out. He’s released a recording in which Trump admits knowing the virus is much deadlier than the flu, and admits that he downplayed it. Now Trump is trying to explain away that lie as a protective measure intended to prevent panic — and one former senator isn’t having it.

Donald Trump Covid lie covered with another lie
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

For Bob Woodward’s new book, the author interviewed Donald Trump multiple times, and a segment of one of these recordings has been released publicly via CNN. In it, Trump tells Woodward, “This is deadly stuff.” He goes on to say that COVID-19 is more deadly than the seasonal flu, and that it’s not just hitting the elderly. Most importantly, he admits that he has publicly downplayed the risk, and continues to do so.

After that conversation, the president continued to claim the virus was mostly hitting the elderly, that young people could safely return to school and work, and that it would all go away soon.

In a CBS clip below, you can see Trump defending his lies after the fact. Admitting that he downplayed the seriousness of the virus, Trump makes the excuse that he had to prevent panic.

Former Senator Claire McCaskill responded to this, Raw Story reports, saying that it’s absolutely false that Trump doesn’t want to sow panic. He can’t claim he lied to protect the country from fear and panic, she says, because he thrives on those reactions.

He has killed people with his lies, and for him to come out there with a straight face today and say he didn’t want to panic anyone, Nicole. He’s running a campaign based on fear and panic. All he campaigns on is that the suburbs have to be scared to death of Black people moving in. Or that they have to be scared to death of riots in the city. That there’s carnage on the streets. He is all about fear in his campaign. The only reason he lied to the American people is he wanted to protect the stock market and his re-election.

If the lies aren’t bad enough, McCaskill says that Trump’s pride in allowing himself to be interviewed for hours, by a journalist, who would be releasing a book, in an election year, proves that he’s the “stupidest President that has ever held the office,” and just plain “too dumb to lead this country.”

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