Trump Chief of Staff: The US Desperately Needs Immigrants

Much of Donald Trump and his administrations rhetoric around immigrants has been extremely negative. One of the President’s first actions was an attempt to ban people from predominantly Muslim countries. And while announcing his candidacy for the Presidency he famously said that Mexico is sending crime and drugs and rapists.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

In order to reach Trump’s lofty economic goals, however, immigration is absolutely necessary. This fact was acknowledged on Wednesday by Mick Mulvaney who said that that “legal” immigrants were “desperately needed.”

The Trump Chief of Staff made the comments while speaking to a private crowd in England. “We are desperate — desperate — for more people,” Mulvaney remarked. “We are running out of people to fuel the economic growth that we’ve had in our nation over the last four years. We need more immigrants.”

According to the Washington Post, Mulvaney discussed the immigration systems of countries like Canada and Australia, saying that the United States would do well to follow their model.

If the Trump administration is actually interested in expanding immigration, it has some work to do. Requests for immigration visas are down by 17% since Trump took office.

While Mulvaney specifically said the administration wanted legal immigrants, those numbers are also down under Trump. Between 2016 and 2018, there was a 7% decrease in legal immigrants.

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