Trump CFO Resigned Right Before Indictment

Allen Weisselberg, Donald Trump’s long-time chief financial officer, resigned from his positions at dozens of the Trump Organization’s companies several days before he was indicted on felony tax fraud and grand larceny charges. Documents obtained by The Washington Post show that Weisselberg signed his resignation letter on June 25, the day after his attorneys tried unsuccessfully to convince prosecutors not to file charges.

“Effective immediately, I, Allen Weisselberg, resign from each and every office and position that I hold” in the subsidiaries, Weisselberg wrote in the letter. What followed was a two-page list. The list obtained by The Post was largely redacted, so only a few company names were visible. But by reviewing other corporate records in the United States and Scotland, The Post has identified at least 54 Trump entities where Weisselberg has recently resigned from his positions.

The Trump Organization submitted the letter to New Jersey liquor regulators last week, asking to remove Weisselberg’s name from the liquor licenses for two golf courses. New Jersey officials released it to The Post on Tuesday.

The twice-impeached former president’s business operations are run by a complicated web of interconnected corporate entities, all of which is overseen by a small group of executives at Trump Tower in New York. For more than two decades, Weisselberg has been a key member of that leadership. It is unclear what his role in the larger company is now.

The Trump Organization has not given any reason for his resignation and the brief letter did not provide one. But legal experts have said that this move could allay potential concerns from regulators, vendors or lenders about dealing with a company whose officer had been indicted.

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