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Trump Campaign’s English Ads Are Way Different Than His Spanish Language Ones, Report Finds

Trump Campaign’s English Ads Are Way Different Than His Spanish Language Ones, Report Finds

A study of President Donald Trump’s digital campaign ads, conducted by Reuters, found that 1,200 of the ads placed on the social media site Facebook in Spanish, meant to attract Latinx voters, focused on combating socialism.

The ads tended to incorrectly equate Venezuelan-style socialism with the type that some Democrats, who identify as Democratic Socialists, want to see implemented.

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But while Trump’s Spanish-language advertising focused on combatting socialism, 3,000 of his Facebook advertisements, which were in English, asked users to support the president’s re-election campaign so that he could continue pushing an anti-immigrant agenda, including links to petitions that demanded lawmakers “deport illegals.”

The strategy appears, on its face, to be a two-tiered approach to reaching voters — one that simultaneously promotes Trump as tough on the border and migration in general, but downplays Trump’s efforts at targeting undocumented immigrants (particularly those coming from Mexico and Central America) for deportation if their primary language is Spanish.

The strategy seems to recognize the difficulties that Trump, as well as Republicans in general, have in courting Latinx voters in the 2020 elections. Polling on the issue indicates that the president’s efforts to reach Latinxs is indeed an uphill climb.

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According to an Associated Press-NORC poll from earlier this month, Trump receives low marks in general when it comes to his handling of race relations. Diving deeper into the numbers reveals that Trump’s ratings among Latinxs and other people of color are dismally low, NBC News reported.

Only 19 percent of Latinx voters say Trump’s actions as president have been beneficial to the Hispanic community as a whole, that poll found. Conversely, nearly 7-in-10 Latinx voters said Trump’s actions have been detrimental.

The issue doesn’t seem to resonate with Republican voters, however: 6-in-10 Republican respondents felt Trump has been a good president for Latinxs, black Americans, and women, the poll found.

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