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Trump Campaign Surrogate Says Donald Trump Prepping ‘Wartime Phase’ of Election Denial, Then Admits Joe Biden Won

Trump Campaign Surrogate Says Donald Trump Prepping ‘Wartime Phase’ of Election Denial, Then Admits Joe Biden Won

The arguments that President Donald Trump’s propagandists are promulgating to defend Trump’s election denial scam are now so incredulous that the people propogating them can no longer keep their stories straight.

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In an appearance on the right-wing media network Newsmax Tuesday night, Trump campaign surrogate Brian Trascher commented on Attorney General William Barr’s recent resignation.

“I’m not really surprised at all” that Barr resigned, Trascher explained. “You know, Bill Barr accidentally misspoke a couple weeks ago when he said he hadn’t seen enough evidence of fraud to overturn the election. What he was talking about was that the only hard evidence he had seen was the videos in Georgia showing clear fraud taking place, and he’s right, if you just took away the state of Georgia that wouldn’t change the results as they stand right now.”

Right, because Trump lost and the Electoral College has cast its votes for President-Elect Joe Biden.

“But if you look at the whole body of work of Bill Barr, there were some good things, some bad things,” Trascher said. “He was able to blow the lid off of the fake Mueller investigation, to show that for the sham that it was. I think he’s about to blow the lid off of – and it’s going to be his grand finale – blowing the lid off of the Russian collusion hoax.”

Barr already did both of those things. Neither the investigation or allegations of collusion were hoaxes. In fact, the Mueller report may be used as a framework to indict Trump after he leaves office for offenses such as campaign finance violations and obstruction of justice – for which he was impeached and then acquitted by the zombied Republican Senate.

On Tuesday, leaked court documents obtained by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow revealed that former the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Michael Atkinson, recommended in 2017 that the Justice Department treat Mueller’s findings as evidence that Trump committed crimes.

Trump fired Atkinson in an act of political retribution on April 4, 2020.

Nevertheless, Trascher’s next prediction was that Trump is planning some sort of domestic “wartime phase” during the lame duck session to keep himself in power. On Tuesday, a sketchy campaign email sent from Trump to his supporters informing them that he intends on being re-inaugurated at Mar-A-Lago on January 20, fueling speculation that Trump is either a) running the largest grift of his life or b) is planning on projecting his delusions into the physical realm.

Basically, the president of the United States is plotting to overthrow the government, and that in order for the mission to be successful, he needs Barr to get out of his way.

“The last couple of weeks you’ve seen senior members of the Justice Department leaving, being replaced by people who are Trump loyalists, just like at the Department of Defense,” Trascher confessed. “President Trump is about to enter the true wartime phase of this operation with the rigged election and he needs a wartime consigliere and Bill Barr’s just not that guy.”

What Trascher described is the definition of sedition, and could even amount to treason, two of the most serious crimes one can commit against the state.

Next, former Trump aide and convicted felon Rick Gates, whom Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged with conspiracy against the United States and lying to federal investigators, said that the “turning point” between Trump and Barr arrived earlier this month when Barr announced that the Justice Department had found no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Gates’s 45-day prison sentence was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was confined to his home in lieu of serving time in a federal penitentiary.

“In the end I think there are only two people that really know why Bill Barr resigned and that’s Donald Trump and Bill Barr, but it certainly is not just based on one factor,” said Gates. “I think if we step back and we look at why Bill Barr took the role, he saw how the Department of Justice was being weaponized for political purposes against the president, and I think he took that role to right many of those wrongs. The Durham probe is one good example. That’s investigating bad actors inside government agencies, you know, people who abused their power and positions to go after the president.”

Yeah, Gates really said that, and then made a hard left to spread more nonsense about Hunter Biden, the president-elect’s son whom Republicans have falsely accused of committing financial crimes with Ukraine and China.

Gates also was unable to answer what drove Barr to quit, probably because he has been out of the loop for quite some time and has no active relationship with Trump.

“Contrast that with the Hunter Biden investigation,” Gates continued. “That active investigation is something that Bill Barr did not disclose, and that would have impacted the election, you know, significantly, and I think in the minds and the polls of a lot of Americans. So I think it’s a combination of factors, but in the end, I think, you know, government needs to be transparent about all of this, whether it’s the Mueller probe, the Durham investigation, or the election fraud. Government has a duty and responsibility to get the facts out. So I think to a large extent, what brought Bill Barr into the role also took him out of it.”

Trascher returned to parrot more Hunter Biden nonsense.

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“We know that the Justice Department has known about all these allegations about Hunter Biden for quite a long time. They’ve had his laptop for quite a long time. I have credible sources in the Department of Treasury who say they have had all of Hunter Biden’s financial records for a long time, where it actually shows with every deposit and every wire transfer that he got from these foreign companies, there was a large cash withdrawal usually in the standard deviation of about 10 percent,” Gates claimed. “If you remember, 10 percent for the big guy. So this is gonna bode poorly not just for Hunter Biden and James Biden, the former vice president’s brother, but possibly Joe Biden himself.”

Trascher then peddled an even more bizarre conspiracy theory – that Democrats had a secret plan to get Biden elected so they could take him down and install Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris as his immediate successor.

“This might have been the Democrats’ plan all along – prop him up as the Weekend at Bernie’s candidate, get him in there and then take him out however they can, whether it’s with an indictment or something else and install the person they really want, and that’s Kamala Harris,” Trascher alleged. “But I think that the Justice Department should have been more transparent, and yeah, it definitely affected the outcome of the election.”

Trascher’s final point, however, completely negated everything he had previously said. He admitted that Biden won the election and that it was the media’s fault.

“If the media would have been more transparent, had more information from the Department of Justice out to the public, maybe the public wouldn’t have chose President-Elect Joe Biden, who is probably about to go to jail,” Trascher asserted.

It should be noted that Gates and Trascher presented no physical evidence to support their allegations. Instead, they did what Trump’s confederates often do, which is to claim that the proof is withheld by someone else, all while never having to personally obtain it.

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Thirty-five days until the inauguration.

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