Trump Campaign Mocks Biden for Only Holding Virtual Events

Donald Trump never feels better than when he is on the campaign trail and can speak directly to his supporters. Theoretically, that shouldn’t be possible with an active pandemic raging in the country.

donald trump quarantine
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Still, Trump won’t be denied his rallies. After the campaign held an illegal event in Nevada on Sunday, Dr. Jonathan Reiner said that the President should be charged with negligible homicide. But that doesn’t mean that the GOP doesn’t think they are doing the right thing. On Monday, the Trump campaign slammed Joe Biden for only holding virtual events.

On Monday, Biden and his wife, Jill, joined Virginia congresswoman Jennifer Wexton for a virtual conference. Democrats look to be strong in Virginia with an average of polls showing them with a 12.5% lead in the Presidential race.

Trump Victory spokeswoman Samantha Cotton said of the event, “It is clear how low Virginians are on the Biden campaign’s priority list as all they could manage is a virtual event. Meanwhile, Virginia Trump Victory is seeing unprecedented enthusiasm for President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot.”

Cotton continued, “Over the next few weeks, we will fully engage our volunteer base to contact voters in Virginia and get out the vote for President Trump and the GOP ticket.”

When asked about holding virtual events all the way back in March, Biden remarked, “As I said all along, we would follow the guidance of the CDC, state and local officials and public health officials with respect to our campaign events. We’ll continue to do that.”


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