Trump Campaign Investigating Brad Parscale’s Spending — As He Tweets Defending His Loyalty

Brad Parscale was shifted out of his position as Donald Trump’s campaign manager this week, after a Lincoln Project ad suggested he was using the president to enrich himself. Now, the campaign is reportedly investigating his contracts and campaign spending, and he’s tweeting to accuse the media of lying and to insist he’s loyal to Donald Trump.

Trump's former campaign manager under investigation
[Photo by Tom Brenner/Getty Images]

Brad Parscale was the subject of a Lincoln Project ad back in May. “Brad is getting rich — but don’t tell Donald!” the video proclaims. The PAC’s ads have been described as having a target audience of exactly one person — Donald Trump. This one has been credited as hitting its mark, when the news came out earlier this week that Trump had hired a new campaign manager.

Trump tweeted at the time to suggest the move was a lateral one and that Parscale would still be very involved with the campaign.

However, Business Insider reports that as of Friday, the Trump campaign has launched an internal investigation, confirming with Trump 2020 accountant Jeff DeWit that he’s reviewing all the contracts and spending to date. Though he says the investigation isn’t specifically focused on Parscale as an individual, he’s certainly central as he was a top campaign aide and in control of spending since January 2017.

As the news broke, Parscale tweeted to declare ‘the media’ a “criminal network” with “zero intention to tell the truth,” and to assure the public that he is continuing to fight alongside the president to win re-election in 2020.

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