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Trump Campaign Drops Wisconsin Election Lawsuit After Others Fizzle Out

Trump Campaign Drops Wisconsin Election Lawsuit After Others Fizzle Out

Donald Trump’s campaign has been filing one lawsuit after another to try to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, and several have already been thrown out or dismissed. In still others, Trump’s own lawyers have admitted that they aren’t submitting any evidence of fraud. Now, in Wisconsin, they’ve dropped their own case, on the morning they were to give oral arguments.

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Trump has had lawsuits thrown out already because he failed to provide any actual evidence of wrongdoing. The campaign has withdrawn a portion of their complaint in Pennsylvania, and admitted that online forms to claim election fraud are full of “lies and spam.”

Some attorneys have even decided they won’t represent Trump in his election lawsuits, as Vanity Fair reported last week — possibly because of the liability involved in presenting frivolous lawsuits.

Now, according to Law & Crime, Trump’s lawyers have dropped their case in Wisconsin. The filed complaint stated that evidence of fraud would be “shortly forthcoming,” and that it would include proof of “illegal ballot stuffing, ballot harvesting, and other illegal voting.” Instead of ever producing this evidence, attorneys dropped the case, refusing to give any comment about why or whether they have any further plans to challenge the results in Wisconsin.

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Deadlines for individual states to certify election results are fast approaching — Ballotpedia has the full list here, but in Wisconsin, it’s December 1st. Experts say Donald Trump has no real chance of overturning the election by preventing the certification of ballots in some states and overturning the results in others, but he is continuing to fundraise off the effort.

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