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Trump Campaign Criticizes WaPost For Saying Trump ‘Rocky’ Pic Was Fake — Their ‘Gaslighting Is Off The Charts,’ Some Allege

Trump Campaign Criticizes WaPost For Saying Trump ‘Rocky’ Pic Was Fake — Their ‘Gaslighting Is Off The Charts,’ Some Allege

It was a picture that had hundreds, if not thousands (or more) of users on the internet asking: “why?”

President Donald Trump this week, ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, posted a clearly edited photograph of the boxer Rocky Balboa, with his own head juxtaposed in place of the fictional Philadelphia prize-fighter’s noggin.

Photo of Pres. Trump by Win McNamee/Getty Images; screenshot image via @realDonaldTrump/Twitter

The tweet generated a lot of response from users online, with those who oppose the president mostly asking why he did so or criticizing him for being vain, while those who ardently support Trump shared the image across their own channels. As the image went viral, it warranted news agencies to report on it.

The Washington Post, among many other news outlets, was among those that reported on the image. According to their report, it wasn’t clear why Trump shared the picture, and communications aides for the president didn’t immediately respond to their questions.

The title of the Post’s article was the following: “Trump tweets doctored photo of his head on Sylvester Stallone’s body.”

That apparently irked the Twitter account @TeamTrump, the official profile of Trump’s re-election campaign, who decided to troll the Post for its reporting.


That account claimed that the Post, in its reporting, described the image as doctored “without evidence.” That prompted others online to describe the actions of that account as “gaslighting.”


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Gaslighting is “a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality,” according to Psychology Today. The website further describes it as frequently used by “abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders” in order to make victims question what they previously knew to be true.

Whether one is a regular cinephile or not, it’s clear that the image was not of Trump but of ‘Sly’ Stallone in boxing attire. Those who are fans of the Rocky series of films can tell without a doubt that it’s “the Italian Stallion’s” body in the frame, and not the president.

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