Trump Campaign Again Strands Supporters, This Time in Pennsylvania

With poor poll numbers in nearly every swing state, Donald Trump has taken on an arduous last week event schedule. These rallies are large scale endeavors that require planning for everything to go smoothly. But it seems that much of that planning isn’t happening.

Picture Via Ryan Nobles Twitter Account

On Saturday night, the Trump team held a campaign rally in the town of Butler, Pennsylvania. And for the second time in one week, attendees were stranded and unable to get back to their cars.

Trump supporters were stranded in freezing temperatures in Omaha, Nebraska on Tuesday night. 6 people who were stranded required had to go to the hospital and many others had to seek medical attention.

Despite the embarrassment for Tuesday’s event, the campaign allowed it to happen again. Ryan Nobles, who was covering the event for CNN, tweeted, “And another Trump rally ends with a massive logistical nightmare attempting to get thousands of people back to their cars to go home. Currently no busses in sight. It is 41°.”

Nobles later appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show. He told the host, “It became so frustrating for many of these Trump supporters, they ended up just walking. That is the decision that our crew made, my producer and I walked about a mile to get to our parking lot.”

As for the temperature, Nobles said, “[supporters] were already sitting outside in the cold for four, five hours waiting to hear the president speak and then had to wait for an hour or longer [for busses].”


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