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Trump Calls The Free Press ‘America’s Biggest Enemy’

Trump Calls The Free Press ‘America’s Biggest Enemy’

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President Donald Trump continues to wage his one-man war against the American Free Press, calling reporters and their news agencies “America’s biggest enemy.”

Specifically, Trump said “fake news” will destroy America. Trump, of course, considers The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and any news agency that report on his lies to be fake news. Just hours after returning from his summit with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, Trump was quick to take cheap shots at the very institution that helped make America great.

The President’s comments harken back to a comment he made in February 2017 when he said numerous news outlets were “the enemy of the American People!” His comments also mimic those of Richard Nixon who claimed repeatedly that the Free Press was America’s enemy.

Here’s the full tweet Trump sent out in his newest attack:


Trump, angered by the presses attacks against a summit that accomplished nothing other than to give concessions to North Korea, was poised to go on the offensive.

Trump has made it a habit to attack the free press in tweets when the narrative shared by numerous reporters doesn’t match his own views of an event.

Reactions to President Trump’s tweets ranged from the humorous:

To outright anger from industry experts:


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It’s still unclear if Donald Trump wrote the tweet on his own. Twitter users have speculated it was a carefully crafted message since the word “promulgated” was spelled correctly.

Here are a few more reminders that Trump loves to attack American news agencies:

Whatever Trump is attempting to accomplish, it’s clear that his attacks on the American Free Press are likely to continue for the rest of his Presidency.


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