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Trump Called Kellyanne Conway’s Filipino Husband a ‘F–king FLIP’ and ‘Goo-goo,’ According to Omarosa

Trump Called Kellyanne Conway’s Filipino Husband a ‘F–king FLIP’ and ‘Goo-goo,’ According to Omarosa

Racism in America is still a problem.  Just because slavery no longer exists doesn’t mean the hatred of races other than our own has been abolished as well.  We see this every day, every minute and every second in this nation.  Whether it is racism through actions or racism through words, all races are affected in one form or another.  Not all people are racist but there is question as to whether the President of the United States is or is not.

Trump has faced a lot of allegations that he is a racist.  Whether it is from individuals who believe he gave preferential treatment to white people when renting out apartments, or the fact that he used derogatory language toward blacks and jews on the set of his famous TV show The Apprentice, there is certainly a lot of question as to Trump’s true feeling toward minorities in America.

Now, in her new book entitled Unhinged, former contestant on The Apprentice and former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, has quite a tale to tell about remarks that President Trump allegedly had made toward Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway’s Filipino husband George Conway.

George Conway has oftentimes spoken his mind about President Trump and his policies, in an open and unbiased manner.  Unlike his wife Kellyanne, who defends Trump’s every last action, George Conway has frequently mocked the President as well as stood up against his policies and actions.

According to Omarosa, the attacks go both ways, but President Trump allegedly likes to use racist remarks when talking about Mr. Conway.

Omarosa says that she heard Trump use racially driven remarks toward Conway, claiming he once said:

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“Would you look at this George Conway article? F–king FLIP! Disloyal! F–king Goo-goo.”

The terms flip and goo-goo are derogatory remarks toward Filipinos.

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